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Parent Volunteering

The Family Partnership Program (F.P.P.) is a program at SFA that makes a significant difference in our educational environment. We ask all families of current students to provide the school with a minimum of 10 hours of adult service each year. Any adult member of your family is invited to participate in the various opportunities listed in the student handbook. Hours worked by students or other children in your family do not count toward the 10-hour minimum.

Please check our monthly newsletter, the "Wednesday Word" weekly parent email blast, and the school website for service opportunities. Contact the person who is in charge of the event in which you are interested. Please understand that some activities will be overbooked and as a result not all requests can be accommodated. Make sure your hours are recorded in the main office by signing in the Parent Volunteer Book. FPP hours can be given for monthly donations of cases of water and reams of copy paper.

The Family Partnership Program runs during the school year. If you are the parent of a senior, you must have your hours completed before May 28th. Parents of underclassmen must complete their hours by June 8th. This obligation must be met before the school year ends in order for your child to return to Saint Frances Academy. If your child is not returning, this obligation must still be met in order for transcripts to be released.

Any family who does not meet the minimum number of hours required for the Family Partnership Program, or who chooses not to participate, will be assessed $15.00 for each hour not completed ($15.00 x 10 hours for a total of $150.00). These funds also must be paid by the end of the school year to fulfill the Family Partnership Program obligation. If this obligation is not met by then, you must schedule a meeting with the principal before your child can return to Saint Frances Academy for the next school year.

In addition to students reaping the benefits of parent participation, parents will have fun meeting and working with the parents of your child's friends. The increase in parent-to-parent communication can only help reduce isolation as well serve our SFA community.