A message to parents from our Dean of Student Activities

St. Frances Academy Athletics

Welcome to the
Panther Sports Lair!

The philosophy of the Saint Frances Academy athletic program continues the legacy of Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange through the demonstration of academic excellence, character building, self-discipline, teamwork, and charity. Inter-Scholastic sports are tools to further advance these goals through the representation of our school in athletic competition.

Every scholar should have the opportunity to become involved in the athletic program; if not as an athlete, then as a valuable assistant serving as a manager or statistician.

The coaches strive at all levels to develop and display the attitudes of good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and loyalty to the team and school.

At Saint Frances Academy, we define a winning formula as scholar-athletes having fun through participation, learning sport-specific skills as well as life skills, demonstrating sportsmanship, and conducting themselves always with class and character.


In all games played scholars display proper respect for each other and their opponent. Win or lose, they always do so graciously and with dignity. Our scholars are respectful of all fans, officials, players, and coaches regardless of how they conduct themselves. The mission and integrity of our school and its athletic department come first and foremost.

Athletic Ambassadors

Scholar-athletes are the unofficial ambassadors of Saint Frances Academy. Their dress, language, and behavior are a reflection of what is taught and practiced on our campus. Considering such, each scholar models themselves to reflect the mission, history, and standards of our school. Any scholar-athlete who does not adhere to our code of conduct or standards is subject to disciplinary action.

Teams and Conferences

Saint Frances Academy has teams competing throughout the school year during the fall, winter and spring seasons:


• Cross Country
• Football – Varsity Boys
• Football – Junior Varsity Boys
• Girls Varsity Volleyball
• Soccer


• Basketball – Varsity Girls
• Basketball – Junior Varsity Boys
• Cheerleading
• Basketball – Freshman/Sophomore Boys
• Wrestling
• Indoor Track and Field


• Baseball – Varsity Boys
• Outdoor Track & Field