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Ensuring Our Legacy Campaign

The Campaign for Saint Frances Academy

The support of alumni, the school community, and private donors will help to fulfill our most basic needs.  At Saint Frances Academy, your financial support goes a long way!  All scholars deserve to learn in a clean, well-maintained facility, with the support, guidance and leadership of a quality instructional staff.  In 2019, Baltimore City Public Schools spent $16,184 to educate each student, according to the United States Census.  At Saint Frances Academy, we do this for approximately $13,000 with proven results!  When you choose to give to our scholars, not only do you transform their lives and provide opportunity, but you invest in and foster positive change for Baltimore and beyond!

Pressing Needs:

  • Chapel roof and gutters
  • Repointing of mortar on outside of building
  • Painting of exterior of school and interior of chapel
  • Ceiling tiles throughout both old and new building
  • Hallway refurbishing (1st floor)
  • Classroom refurbishing (2nd, 3rd, 4th floors)
  • Restroom renovations (Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors)
  • Community Center updates and repairs (1st & 2nd floors)
  • Exterior surveillance system
  • Elevators - establishment of fund to be available for repairs

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