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Tax Return Transcript


To determine financial aid eligibility, Saint Frances Academy uses a family’s federal tax return. The Office of Enrollment Management cannot accept an income tax summary nor the federal tax return forms because it does not contain the information needed to determine financial aid and requires information actually submitted to the IRS, respectively.

A tax return transcript is key in our process, as it is a line by line accounting of your tax return as originally filed with the IRS. The transcript can only be obtained DIRECTLY from the IRS.

Request A Tax Return Transcript

  • Request your IRS Tax Return Transcript online
  • If you’re unable to download the transcript, call the IRS, (844) 545-5640, to schedule one for pick up. This may take up to 10-15 days to receive
    • If federal taxes were not filed, you can download or request a Non-Tax Filing Statement from the IRS.
  • This is an example of a Tax Return Transcript

It should be noted financial aid will not be awarded until the documents are received and submitted as part of the application packet.

We suggest families not wait until the last minute to contact the IRS to request the Tax Return Transcript.