Congratulations to the Class of 2024!                                              
The 2024 yearbook is available to order through Jostens. The cost is $75.00.  Click the link to place your order.

Saint Frances Academy will be closed from June 10, 2024 to June 21, 2024.
School will reopen on June 24, 2024.   Summer Office Hours are 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday thru Thursday. 

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2024-2025 Tuition & Student Fees

Choosing a Catholic school is an investment in your child’s future. A future of college and career success, but more importantly the daily reminder to strive towards an eternal reward in heaven. Tuition and student fees for the 2024 – 2025 school year are $12,400.

Establishing Tuition

The Saint Frances Academy Board of Directors and School Administration establishes a tuition rate that is representative of the school budget needs and enrollment. The tuition rate is also a product of the communities and families we serve. While tuition is not the only revenue source, it is our primary source.

Tuition Planning and Payment Schedule

During the application process, families that applied for financial aid will be notified of their award in their acceptance letter.

Payment Options

  • One lump sum payment – payment due by September 1st
  • Two equal payments –  payments due by September 1st and January 1st
  • Four equal payments – payments due by August 1st, October 1st,  January 1st, and March 1st
  • Monthly payment plan – Equal payments due May 31st to April 1st


Payments can be made by ACH/bank transfer or credit card. If a credit card payment method is chosen, an additional service fee may be charged. NO CASH will be accepted for payment(s).

Tax Return Transcript

To determine financial aid eligibility, Saint Frances Academy uses a family’s federal tax return. The Office of Enrollment Management cannot accept an income tax summary nor the federal tax return forms because it does not contain the information needed to determine financial aid and requires information actually submitted to the IRS, respectively.

tax return transcript is key in our process, as it is a line-by-line accounting of your tax return as originally filed with the IRS. The transcript can only be obtained DIRECTLY from the IRS.

Request A Tax Return Transcript

  • Request your IRS Tax Return Transcript online
  • If you’re unable to download the transcript, call the IRS, (844) 545-5640, to schedule one for pick up. This may take up to 10-15 days to receive
    • If federal taxes were not filed, you can download or request a Non-Tax Filing Statement from the IRS.
  • This is an example of a Tax Return Transcript

It should be noted financial aid will not be awarded until the documents are received and submitted as part of the application packet.

We suggest families not wait until the last minute to contact the IRS to request the Tax Return Transcript.