Therapeutic Counseling

What is Counseling?

Counseling is sorting through difficult times in life's journey with the help of another person who can listen to you and help you make things clearer. Counselors do not give advice or solve your problems for you. Some problems cannot be solved but you can learn to cope (or deal with) these problems. Counseling may be short-term (a few sessions) or long-term (a year or more) depending on the issues and goals of the client. To go to counseling does not mean you're "weak" or "mental". Everyone needs someone to talk to and counselors are trained to listen and support you.

Serving Students and Families

The students at St. Frances are made aware of the counseling program and may request counseling at any time. A teacher, administrator, or parent may also refer a student for counseling, but the decision to participate is that of the student. Students receive counseling during the school day and may miss a class to participate in counseling. Every effort is made to schedule counseling during elective courses. Again, counseling is a resource to assist students as they sort through the challenges of adolescence.

A parent may be contacted by a child's counselor if:

  • there is a threat that the child is a danger to him/herself or someone else,
  • the child requests a family session, or
  • Additional services may be appropriate for the child.

The counseling services at St. Frances Academy are available not only to the students but to their families as well. A parent may request to meet with one of our counselors at any time by contacting the Director of Counseling, Erin Richardson, at 410-539-5794.

The Counseling Staff

There is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker on staff full-time at SFA and two part-time Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors. In addition, SFA recruits college interns each year from Colleges/Universities in the Baltimore/Washington area. The interns are participating in Master Degree programs and are supervised by the professional counseling staff at SFA.

Social Work Services

In addition to providing counseling, the social worker is available to assist the students and families in connecting with resources and services in the community. Parents may contact the Ms. Richardson for social work services.