Student Support Services

A college preparatory program designed for the success of our young men and women.


Student Support Services is an educational model designed to support student success academically, behavorially, and emotionally in a college preparatory program. At St. Frances Academy, young men and women with learning differences are welcomed, supported, and monitored in order to ensure success. The cornerstone of our model is educational support via executive skills training, which includes time management, organizational skills, effective study habits, reading/writing/math remediation through Title I services, and behavorial support using positive behavorial intervention and support (PBIS).

The goal of this program is to teach student self-advocacy, understanding of strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to communicate specific learning needs to faculty and staff in order to experience academic success, obtain a high school diploma, and succeed in college.

Student Support Services involve the use of an educational model that integrates students, their families, and staff at every level. Beginning in the 2007-2008 school year, St. Frances Academy established a Resource Team to help our young people exceed their own expectations.

The Student Support Services team works collaboratively to collect information and data from all perspectives and meets weekly to discuss student issues of concern. As a result of this collaboration, we create plans for individual students with academic and/or behavorial needs, when possible.

We may provide an individual accommodation snapshot for our faculty, monitoring of student progress in the content areas, and/or individual academic or positive behavorial support for students in need. St. Frances provides these services in conjuction with our philosophy, which embraces accepting students with diverse learning needs.


  • Informal Executive SkillsTtesting
  • Individualized Student Accommodation/Behavioral Plan, when necessary
  • Study Skills Training
  • Test Accommodations
  • Classroom Accommodations, when possible
  • Collaboration and communication with parents to achieve success

Please note that this is NOT a Special Education program