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Honor Code

A Place of Honor and Respect

A school is as good as the reputation of its students. Disciplinary rules are adopted in order to create an atmosphere in which widely different personalities will live together harmoniously while working toward common life-giving objectives. The students at Saint Frances Academy are expected to conduct themselves as Christian young women and men. This includes behavior in the classroom, throughout the school, within the vicinity of the school, on public or school transportation, and at all school functions (whether on or off school property). It also includes any activity in public or on the Internet. The school will take disciplinary action against any member of the school community who violates the accepted school code and thus jeopardizes the rights of other members of the school or the broader community.

In addition, all members of the Saint Frances Academy assume the obligation to maintain the principles of honesty, responsibility and intellectual integrity in all activities relating to their SFA experience. It is the responsibility of each student to support these values through maturity of thought, expression and action.

Academic Honor Code and Pledge

The basic aims of the honor code are to encourage and promote a trustful relationship among all members of the SFA community, to offer students the opportunity to exercise personal responsibility, and to make students more aware of their personal principles of honor.

Students will submit all academic work with the following statement:

“I will not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate anyone who does. I pledge that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment.”