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Academic Eligibility

Academic Warning, Probation, and Ineligibility Policy

A student is expected to establish and maintain a pattern of academic success while attending Saint Frances Academy. The following academic warning, probation, and ineligibility system is NOT a punitive system.

It is designed to assist students to:

  • Pass all courses attempted;
  • Take a full schedule while participating widely in extracurricular activities (Extracurricular activities are defined as activities that students are involved in that are not part of the curriculum of a class nor given as part of a grade within a class);
  • Work up to their full capacity in all endeavors;
  • Provide access to structured academic support for those in need
  • Reach and maintain academic excellence.

Our policy is as follows:

  • If a student is failing 1 course, they will be placed on Academic Warning and must attend all of the weekly coach classes for that subject.
  • If a student is failing 2 courses, they will be placed on Academic Probation and must attend daily restricted academic study hall Monday - Friday from 3:30 - 5pm.

    • If a student is failing 3 or more courses, they are Academically Ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity including athletics and must attend daily restricted academic study hall Monday - Friday from 3:30 - 5pm.

All students, including those in Student Academic Support Services, shall meet the requirements as stated above.

Students may be placed on academic warning, probation, or ruled ineligible for a variety of reasons. Students exhibiting a serious deterioration in academic performance as evidenced by failing grades, failure to complete homework assignments, negligence in seeking help, or a general indifferent attitude toward academics will result in a student being placed in the system. New students may be placed in this system because their transfer grades might suggest their work indicates they are not completely ready for appropriate grade-level work, or because of failing 1 or more classes in New Student Institute.

Students who have failed 1 course or more for the year are automatically on Summer Academic Probation. They must pass all of their summer school class(es) at SFA in order to be reinstated to good academic standing.

If a student should fail to recover their class credit in summer school or fails 1 or more classes in New Student Institute, they will begin the year in this system.

Students will be placed in this system in any year of their matriculation at St. Frances Academy if they fail 1 or more courses at progress report or the end of each quarter.

Students are subject to academic review for the stated length of time below, for a semester, or in some cases the entire year. Their progress or lack thereof will be monitored and reviewed by the Assistant Principal of Academics, especially at progress reports and end of grading periods.

Students placed on Academic Probation shall be placed in an assigned study area and access to other school areas from 3:30 - 5pm will not be permitted. All school rules still apply, especially the ban on electronic devices. Parents and guardians should note that tutoring, whether weekly or daily, must be a first priority at home and at school during the student's period within this system, and that activities that compete with studies should be curtailed or restricted to allow attendance.

Students declared ineligible regarding extracurricular activities shall not be permitted to represent the school in any manner during that time. However, students are urged to prepare to return to competition and participation. Members of activities should remain in contact with their advisors or coaches so that reintegration back into that activity after academic reinstatement can be as smooth as possible.

At the end of the probation period, the Assistant Principal of Academics will review the student's performance and conduct grade* and take one of three possible courses of action:

  • Reinstate the student to good academic standing
  • Extend the period within the system
  • Recommend student withdrawal from St. Frances Academy
  • *Conduct failure may result in a review by the Administrative Team and result in a student's placement within the system.

The Assistant Principal of Academics will notify parents/guardians of their student's adverse status by phone call, email, or letter.

Once in this system, the student is expected to arrive to every tutoring session on time, prepared for rigorous academic work, exhibit the proper positive attitude with which to learn, and pass the class(es) that put them in the system. Should all aforementioned criteria be met, the student will be reinstated to good academic standing.

There are a number of ways to achieve this academic improvement:

  • Complete and turn in all assignments on time
  • Check in with your teacher mentor daily or every other day for help or encouragement
  • Get immediate help for the classes in which you have difficulty
  • Parents - require that teachers initial assignments in your student?s planner and then you check homework every night - without fail!

Please do not fall for the line "I got it done in school." If the student does in fact complete the assignment at school, then require that you see the work. You can then check that the assignment was turned in via PowerSchool.