A message to parents from our Dean of Student Activities

School Board

Meet our school board members for this school year!

John Phelps

Board Chair

kayode aje

Finance Committee

Sr. Annette Beecham, OSP

Catholic Identity Committee

Kara Bowman

Admissions Committee

Robert Burch

Building & Grounds Committee Chair

Vince Connelly

Board Development Committee Chair Philanthropy Committee Co-Chair

Melissa D'Adamo

SFA Associate Head of School

Larry Hineline

Wendy Griswold

Divesh Gupta, J.D.

Sr. Marcia Hall, OSP

Catholic Identity Committee

Ryan Hiss

Admissions Committee

Chris Keehner

Kim Miller

Finance Committee

Jon Price

Board Development Committee Philanthropy Committee

Sr. Rita Michelle Proctor, OSP

Superior General of the Oblate Sisters of Providence

Deacon Paul Shelton, J.D.

Board Development Nominating Committee Philanthropy Committee Co-Chair

Deacon Curtis Turner, Ed.D.

SFA Head of School

John Walsh

Finance Committee Chair

Naisha Vinson

David Zinreich

Finance Committee