About Us

Established in 1828, St Frances Academy (SFA) is an independent Catholic high school with African American and Hispanic roots. St. Frances Academy serves as an agent of positive change within its inner-city neighborhood.

"This school meant everything to me! Most people don't know this but I was planning on dropping out of school the moment I turned 16... until I went to SFA. As far as preparing me for college, SFA exposed me to so many different subjects that my college classes seemed easy. Without St. Frances Academy, I probably wouldn't have my college degree!"

– Andrew Foreman, Class of 2005
"SFA was where I formed the best relationships and learned well in a very comfortable and supportive environment. With [the teacher's] guidance, my writing ability exceeded that of most of my college peers and the education I received at SFA enabled me to do well at Clark Atlanta University, where I recently received a B.A in Communications."

– Ebony Vincent, Class of 2008
"St. Frances Academy has enabled me to discover my academic potential. I entered St. Frances during my sophomore year. Before that, I came from a different private school where my academic performance was below average. Sr. John, who was the principal at the time, decided to accept me as a student despite my low grades. I believe she saw potential in me and, as result, I started to see potential in myself.As a student at St. Frances, I made the honor roll for the very first time. My grades improved tremendously. I became a better student in math, thanks to [my teacher]. My overall academic performance transformed for the better. St Frances has meant a lot to me because this is where I learned to excel. Learning to excel has prepared me for college and I give that credit to St. Frances.Upon graduating from St. Frances, I attended Morgan State University and graduated in 2011 with a B.S. in Physical Education-Recreation and Parks. Currently, I work as a Physical Education Teacher and Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for blind, autistic adults and children.Thank you St. Frances!"

– Brandi Vaughan, Class of 2005